Here are the descriptions for the sections you will find pertaining to documentation. Click the link below each section to access the documents.

Links to Further Resources

Here you will find resources and external links with different elements of Robotics.

Email Templates

Here you will find documents relating to how to send emails for different project related issues.

Engineering Notebook

Here you will find documents relation to the engineering notebook and how to make sure it is competition ready. 

Money & Swag

Here you will find documentation relating to how to deal with the monetary elements of Robotics. There is documentation related to how to handle the budget, as well as how to interact with donors once they make a donation (Always send a thank you note.) 


Here is documentation relating to outreach. There is guidance for how to do outreach, and where to do it.

Scrimmage & Competition

Here you will find documentation relating to the scrimmage and competition. These documents outline things that need to be done before, during, and after events.

Start of the Year

Here you will find documentation relating to the start of the year and setting up. Documentation will touch on how to stay organized, manage tasks, and highlight important deadlines. 

Google Drive

Here you will find all the documentation linked above grouped together in a Google Drive folder.

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