These templates are organized in the order they will most likely be needed during the Robotics season.

Ways to score points. Written out by Debbie Lilly. Photo Credit: Aviva Stein
Beginning of Year – Framing for Meetings

The first five days of the season are crucial to successfully starting the Robotics season. This document lays out what should get covered in the first few days of the season.

Suggested Team Roles

These are suggested Robotics team roles. These are great for bigger teams. Can be adapted as appropriate to be more helpful.

1106 Series Square Beam in bag. Photo Credit: Aviva Stein
Parts Order

How to send an email ordering parts for the team. There should be a designated person who does this, usually the captain.

Checklist for Engineering Notebook

This is a checklist that covers everything that needs to be in the Engineering Notebook. Great to look over during the year, but especially before competition, to make sure all the necessary information has made it into the Engineering Notebook.

Thank You Note to Bonnie and Dave. Photo Credit: Aviva Stein
Thank You Note

Example Thank You Note

Here is the Bot Mitzvahs’ thank you note template, and an example thank you note to Rich Financial Advisors using the template. After template is edited appropriately, print it out and have the whole team sign it. Give it to someone (find out from coaches who) in Gann’s administrative wing, and they will mail it out for the team.

Block Update Emails

These are guidelines explaining what should be in an email updating team members about what happened in the block that day. Emails should be sent after every block if team is split up across blocks, or if team members were absent from Robotics that day.

Toolbox List

The toolbox list we used in FTC season 2019 – 2020. This is super helpful in making sure everything that is (or might be) needed at the scrimmage and the competition gets packed in the toolbox.

Elements of Engineering Notebook

This explains the description of each element in the Engineering Notebook.

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